A Brazilian Butt Lift involves transferring the fat from Sexy woman body in white lingerieunwanted parts of your body and then expertly sculpting a new shape, from a J-Lo to a true Brazilian Butt.

The shape of the buttocks is further enhanced by the expert liposculpture of Dr. Mark E. Johnson during the fat-harvesting process. For the Butt Lift, we use microcannula injection techniques at multiple levels, from deep to superficial, to create a beautiful, rounded shape that you desire. This allows small fat microdroplets to establish a blood supply that allows the fat cells to survive long-term, providing permanent buttocks enhancement.

Bolus fat injection techniques do not work for a true Brazilian Butt lift. Laser-assisted liposuction destroys the fat cells and is an entirely useless idea; the fat is just going to get reabsorbed by the body. Both of these methods are ineffective and will not produce long term results.

Our Brazilian Butt Lift techniques provide excellent shaping that meets your desires and provides the best long-lasting results possible!

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